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VMP 2011-2017 Mustang GT Gen 3 2.65L TVS Stage 0 Supercharger Kit



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Product Overview

VMP GEN 3 - 2.65L TVS for 2011-2017 GT 5.0L & Boss 302. STAGE 0 Tuner Kit. This kit does not include: an air intake, fuel injectors, a fuel pump voltage booster, a throttle body, a tuning device or tuning support. Those items can be purchased a la cart, or complete supercharger systems can be purchased as well. 

The GEN 3 is here, the pinnacle of TVS technology is now the foundation of power for your 2011-2017 5.0L Mustang! And this is as mean as it gets! The mighty VMP Gen 3 TVS is capable of over 1000whp when paired with the correct parts and fuel.

In the Kit

  • VMP GEN 3 - 2.65L TVS
  • VMP Non Fanned Heat Exchanger with Plug N Play Harness (Dual Fan Triple pass optional upgrade)
  • Heat Exchanger Dimensions: 2" Thick x 28" Wide x 9.5" Height
  • VMP Performance black fuel rail system and fittings
  • Your choice of pulley size (see below)
  • Plug and play wiring harness extensions
  • Upper and lower aluminum intake manifolds with high-efficiency intercooler
  • Intercooler pump & lines
  • 1st shiv HD belt system with tensioner, belt, and idlers.
  • All required fasteners, wiring, brackets, hoses and clamps


  • Performance - 600+ RWHP 5.0L and 800+ RWHP Boss 302
  • Reliability - 1 year warranty and 100,000 Mile Service Interval on TVS blower
  • Flexibility - Dial in at a level appropriate for you with our selection of pulleys & upgrades
  • Driveability - Fantastic driveability even at the highest boost levels.
  • Expandability - TONS of room to grow with many of our optional upgrades
Available Pulley Sizes
  • 92mm - 11 psi (Max for 11-14 GT, must be on 93 octane)
  • 88mm - 13 psi (Max for 15-17 GT on 93 octane and stock exhaust manifolds)
  • 85mm - 14 psi (Max for 15-17 GT, must be on 93 octane and have headers)
  • 82mm - 15 psi
  • 79mm - 16 psi
  • 75mm - 17 psi
  • 72mm - 18 psi
  • 69mm - 19 psi



    Important parts and tuning notice:
    By ordering this tune, you agree to assume all responsibility for assuring that it is to be used for off-road and/or competition use only and is not to be used on a vehicle that is registered for use on public roads nor highways. 

    Because U.S., Canadian, and other international, state or provincial laws and regulations may prohibit removal or modification of components that were installed on vehicles by Ford Motor Company to meet emission requirements or to comply with motor vehicle safety regulations applicable to vehicles manufactured for use on public roads, VMP wants you to know the following: 

    Most of the parts and services offered in this online catalog are for off-road use or competition use only. Use on State and Federal Highways may be a violation of the EPA Clean Air Act. The Clean Air Act can be found at This document contains in detail what are considered to be violations of the CAA and corresponding penalties for failure to obey and should be read in full before purchasing or installing this off-road or race use only product. Ensuring that all emissions, noise/sound, and speed/use related laws are followed is the responsibility of the Buyer(s). Installation and use of this product indicates that this disclaimer has been read, acknowledged, and understood fully by both the Buyer(s) and Installer(s). The Buyer(s) assume all associated risk of the purchase.

    Emissions Notice:

    Federal and several state and provincial laws prohibit the removal, modification or rendering inoperative of any part that affects emissions or safety on motor vehicles used on public streets or highways. VMP assumes no liability for any violations arising out of any federal, state or provincial emissions or safety requirements on motor vehicles arising out of the customers modifications and/or use of our products or services. It is the responsibility of the customer to determine if their modified vehicle complies with applicable laws.

    California Residents

    The emissions laws and regulations of the state of California apply to all non-racing vehicles. Consequently, some parts in this catalog may legally be used in California only on a racing vehicle which will never be operated on public roads.


    Part #: VMP-SUK014


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    2012 2013 Mustang BOSS 302

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