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PBH has put together a kit to help put the 6R80 6 speed automatic transmission behind any Coyote or GT500 engine swapped build. Using a factory  pcm with a custom flash we can control both engine and transmission in one module, no need for any secondary controllers that might have some limitations.

In the pack you will receive the PCM, PBH 6R80 body harness, both o2 sensors, gas pedal, fuse box, mass air meter, and detailed instructions.

The PBH 6R80 body harness will give installers and builders the ability to not only use the 6R80, but to use it to full factory potential. We also left wiring leads for anyone who would like to add select shift buttons, cruise control, electric steering, and oil pressure sender. You also get trigger wires for fuel pump and cooling fans so the factory computer can control them as well. The fuse block is detachable to make wiring installation easier.

The pcm supplied in the kit is a 2013-14 Auto GT Mustang unit. This allows us to use the select shift option just like factory. The computer will come with a custom flash to allow start up and custom tuning.

  • The PBH body harness and the transmission harness are two separate items. You will still need the transmission harness to communicate with the pcm. If you do not have one we can get you unit made by PBH specifically for the swap. The harness is $299. This harness does have wiring for the EPAS(electric power steering) and can be used as an option. *Customers using F-150 donor engines must use a Mustang Transmission harness. The F-150 version is different and can not be used with this kit. You will need our harness or one from an 11-14 Mustang GT. Option is available above.
  • Adding a custom oil cooler will most likely be a part of your swap. Add the PBH Transmission cooler fitting kit to make it a breeze. Our fitting kit will give you -8an fittings for the transmission so that adding a cooler is that much easier. Options is available above
  • We need to know what year engine you are using for your project. An 11-14 or 15-newer. Our control pack can be used for any year to date but newer engine will require additional parts to make it all work.


*2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 Coyote, Roadrunner, and F150 Coyote V8 engines

*2015 – newer engines will require 11-14 engine harness and 11-14 throttle body for compatibility. They are available as options in this product.

*2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 GT500 V8 engines with 11-14 model engine harness only

*2011-newer Mustang 6R80 transmissions

*2011-newer F150 6r80 transmissions

Whats in the box:

*PBH 6R80 body harness


*O2 sensors

*Mass air flow meter

*Gas pedal(fly by wire)


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